a trove of geeky projects

When I started learning to knit (way back in 2004) I thought, well, honestly I thought about it in the stereotypical gee-isn’t-that-something-old-ladies-do way, and when I first went to the class (making felted bag @ my former LYS) I felt completely out of place, the only 20-something in the room.

But then, last year, someone introduced me to Ravelry, and from there, several other knitting blogs.

Sine then, I’ve discovered Oh So Many patterns that were, um, not ur granny’s knitting project. Unless, of course, your granny’s a massive sci-fi fan.

What I’ve found (links to patterns requiring a Ravelry login denoted so: link):

All of which makes my latest project seem, well, quite mundane. Knitting may not be punk, but it certainly can be geek.


One thought on “a trove of geeky projects

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