More Geektasticness: Food Edition!

So, Geekadelphia has been a source for much of the delight my geek heart has experienced lately, from showing off massively expensive DIYs like the guy who built a Tumbler from Batman Begins to adding the MegaMan knitted helmet to my catalog of Stuff I Must Knit For SOMEONE Before I Die, And Preferably Before Megacon.

Well, this time, it’s cupcakes. I’d seen some pretty awesome geeky desserts before, courtesy of Cake Wrecks (i.e., the ones that weren’t wrecks, like the Super Mario Kart Wedding Cake and the iPhone cupcakes (which were featured on Geekadelphia, oddly enough). But this time, I’ve found a source.

Naomi, a self-described “post graduate uni student who programs robots to play soccer by day and a ‘cupcake ninja’ by night”, displays her elite cupcake skillz on Flickr. In addition to the more usual type of cake and cupcake decorations (she does some beautiful wedding cakes), she has created some geek-classic treats: Classic games! Anime! The Smurfs! Danger Mouse!

The cuteness, it makes me happy.


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