The Fantasy of Being Thin: WLS version

vesta44 at Big Fat Delicious has reprinted, with permission, an anonymous letter from a woman having some lesser-known complications from weight loss surgery (WLS); complications which have so hampered her life that they show the Fantasy of Being Thin (TM) (“if only I weren’t fat, I’d be happy/fulfilled/successful/etc.”), for the pack of lies that it is:

I know some WLS post-ops say they would kill to
be in my shoes. After all, in most people’s eyes, I am a major success,
especially in the WLS realm. I lost all the weight I needed to and am not
having trouble maintaining it. My labs all come back great. For most people,
that is all they want to hear. That makes me a success. They don’t want to
know how many surgeries I have had total now, how many emergency trips to
the hospital, how many ambulance rides being transferred from one medical
facility to another, how many unplanned stays I have had in the hospital
where I don’t even have the luxury of being able to suck on ice chips. They
don’t want to hear about the anxiety created by never knowing if I will be
here when my kids get out of school, be here for them when they are older,
survive the latest “emergency” that rips a hole into their daily lives. They
just don’t want to know.

Go read the whole thing.


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