Also: I am a knitting fool.

Because I’m making an afghan for Tobit (in progress since May, already!) and I’m so enamored of a pattern for a star-shaped afghan that I’m making one for my cousin’s new baby (born earlier this week) and I’ll probably make one for my sister-in-law, who is expecting her third child (in March?)

Here’s the start I made on one:

And I have to make one for Tobit later, of course. In bright primary colors, natch. Or maybe a combination of gendered colors. Or both. (Can you tell I’m having fun with this one?)


2 thoughts on “Also: I am a knitting fool.

  1. wow. double-points. you’re braver than me. i’ll prolly magic loop anything i need to do in the round.

  2. The DPNs aren’t too hard on a blanket like this, since it’s supposed to lay flat. I’m definitely going to use magic loop for any mitts or similar I do. I started trying DPNs, then two circulars before I remembered magic loop existed. ^_^

    I want to find the “two socks at one time” thing I think I heard about. I think it might work for Endpaper Mitts.

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