Three things

1) I played around Ravelry today, and found someone’s lovely link graphics, which inspired me to play around with this site a bit more, since I (unnecessarily) bought the ability to edit CSS for the next year which
2) inspired me further to search for link graphics for my various social networking thingummies* (see left sidebar) and left me well prepared to
3) start thinking about doing WP themes again. I mean, I have all those icons from IconBuffet; it’s a shame not to get creative (commons) with them, isn’t it?

And then I get a request from a new Nightgig member (via JT) for help in designing his webcomic page, which is run on (surprise surprise), ComicPress.

So today was an exercise in Things Coming Together. I just hope tomorrow and the following days are exercises in Doing What I Said I Could.

*Technical term. Trust me on this.


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