One knitting project down, eleventy to go.

But this one turned out nicely:
Flora by Margaux Pena

The hat, for my mom, modeled on my own pallid brow.

The hat, for my mom, modeled on my own pallid brow.

Done in just at two skeins (1.25 of the main color, .75 of the contrast) of Sublime Cashmere Merino Aran, I’d call this a reasonably successful experiment. The pattern calls for Manos Silk Blend, a DK weight, and much lighter than the Sublime that Mom picked out when she was here for Thanksgiving. Still, I put it on a size smaller needles and counted on my unreasonably tight knitting style to save me, and save me it did. The hat came out at 6 sts/in, a bit smaller gauge than the 5.5 sts/in the pattern called for in the first place.

It’s a bit snug but it fits well enough. It would probably have a bit more give if I wasn’t such a Damned Tight Knitter. By the end of the hat I’d taught myself not to pull the yarn snug each time I picked up a color again, so the bottom 3 inches pucker a bit when laying flat, and look a bit tight when worn. Still, it ought to be a functioning hat, and as my head is likely only a bit larger than my mother’s, it should fit her nicely too.

If she consents to model it for me when I’m home next week, I’ll post a picture of gift and recipient. Until then, I have a scarf+afghan+bag+etc. to knit.


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