There IS time to write.

I stumbled upon a lovely little blog today, one which I am very glad to have run across. It seems that one of my new favorite authors, Sharan Newman, is (and has been) contributing to a group blog called The Ladykillers – a collection of ten mystery writers who, well, write: about writing, certainly; lately, about food in writing (Sara will approve).

I started to comment on a recent post there, and, well, it turned into a blog post.

I have recently begun writing fiction, allowing myself the luxury/crutch of starting with fan-fiction, just to see what happens. What has happened is that 15,000 words and two plots have come out of my hands onto a blank computer screen in my spare + commute time in the last month or so.

There is, truly, nothing like that feeling of bumping along, words flowing out, meshing, drawing in bits and details that you wrote about yesterday or last week. The only comparable thing thus far is returning to a story, to a place where I’d been stuck, and having the solution work itself out right there in front of me.

This is where the fan-fiction makes it freeing, of course, instead of terrifying – I don’t worry about other people liking it, because I do, at that’s what matters. But the next step might be writing up that original fiction I started last year, and see where those thoughts take me.

So blog comments turn into blog posts now. Sidebars in the admin backend remind me I used to write haiku. The words pour out, my voice is found, and my mind is busy and free – and content.

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