The gender of junk food in Disney’s short film “Feast”

Wherein Disney does nothing new whatsoever.

Scenes of Eating

This weekend, I went to see Big Hero 6 as a well-deserved break from the looming work deadlines that have been keeping me from my blog. (I do miss it when I can’t get at it! My draft box is full of half-baked posts that I’ll probably cut loose and publish when I’ve finished my seasonal projects.) Big Hero 6 is a wonderfully entertaining movie that plays a willing audience’s heartstrings like a fiddle. I enjoyed the roller coaster of feelings, not least because the ride was guided by a cast of male and female characters with distinct personalities and interests. It’s nice to see a few different forms of diversity at play in a blockbuster, and it’s particularly nice to see female characters that challenge some traditional feminine roles while cheerfully embracing others like it’s no big deal. Like real people do. (I’m partial to the character of Honey Lemon, who is Disney-princess-pretty but neither…

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