da, geek.

It’s me.‘sjust me.

or at least, the geeky side of me, which is the lion’s share.* not much to tell, except that my geekiness extends to:

  • languages (at least minimal exposure to 19 and counting)§
  • etymology
  • the sci-fi/fantasy genre
  • music
  • web comics
  • web design

*that being as it is commonly understood, in the sense of the majority, as opposed to the original meaning, i.e., the king gets everything. What, you don’t listen to John Ciardi?

§ Fluent: English, German.
Read: Latin, French, Old Norse, Middle High German.
Read with guesswork: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Yiddish, Old High German, Old English.
Know at least one word/phrase: Polish, Turkish, Farsi, Hebrew, Thai, Icelandic, Korean, Japanese.
Can transliterate (sometimes with help): Greek, Russian. Heh, that’s 22.

2 thoughts on “da, geek.

  1. JOCHAN! 1. Thanks for the linky! 2. I am about to link back to you. 3. Have I ever told you that you are probably one of the most fascinating people I have ever known?

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