Caveat (FAQ)

Since I’m 1) talking about feminism here quite a lot and 2) am also linking to and commenting on feminist blogs with much higher traffic volumes than mine, I am setting up some ground rules for what I will allow on my blog. This is done as a courtesy to all readers and potential posters, so that you know what you are getting into. These will be updated and revised as necessary.

These can be divided into three caveats:

1. Caveat lectrix/lector: Let the reader beware.

Since I am discussing feminism here, there will be mentions of, discussions about and links to sites which discuss rape. I will endeavor to label all posts, pages, topics and links if they are likely to contain potential triggers, a phenomenon that I have experienced myself. They will be clearly labeled “CAVEAT: potential TRIGGER” so that you may either be prepared, or avoid the material, whatever you deem necessary and/or not harmful for you.

2. Caveat scriptor/scriptrix: Let the commenter (writer) beware.

I am allowing comments at this time. This will continue as long as I want, and no longer. I am using the default moderation scheme, which means that all new posters must have their comments moderated (i.e., approved) by me before they will be posted. After the first approval, comments will appear automatically.

That being said: I also receive email notification of all posts, and I check each one as soon as I get the email. If you are an approved commenter who begins to troll, know that you have one strike on this blog. I will either remove your comment from public viewing, or allow it to remain, depending on how egregiously you trespass, and I will make one comment on the post where your comment appears (or did appear) and attempt to address the issue in a forthright and civil manner. I will not resort to name calling or any other such juvenile response. If I am unable to deal with your transgression immediately, for whatever reason, I will post a short comment to that effect, and will notify you when I have responded.

If you continue to post comments that I consider trolling, you will be immediately banned, and all trolling comments will be removed.

Posts using objectionable language (see Caveat #3: using misogynistic/bigoted language) will be automatically moderated, and the list of objectionable language will be updated as necessary.

3. Caveat indocilis/indocila: Let the troll (unteachable) beware.

Again since I’m both discussing feminism and linking to higher traffic sites about feminism, I fully expect I will have to deal with trolls again at some point. If you have been labeled as a troll in this forum, you have committed one of the following offenses:

* Resorting to name-calling. Calling what someone does fuckwittery is one thing; calling someone a fuckwit is another. Saying there are a bunch of fuckwits out there is again, one thing. Specifically labeling a person who is trying to engage in civil discussion with you as a fuckwit because they don’t agree with you/are calling you on your shit is NOT ACCEPTABLE, and will constitute Strike One.

* Using strongly misogynistic and/or bigoted language. I already have a list of certain pejorative terms for women that will require a comment be moderated. If you are quoting someone (and refuting them), or using the words as terms in a discussion against the use of such terms, then your comment will be approved. If you do not use the words in the filter but express a misogynistic opinion, this will constitute Strike One.

The same rule applies for racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise bigoted pejorative language.

* Posting unfounded accusations / unsubstantiated statistics *as fact*. This has already happened. If you post any kind of statistics to back up your arguments and neither 1) cite where they come from or 2) do not expound upon them as to why they support your points, this will constitute Strike One.

* Blaming the victim. If you claim “if she’d have done this, maybe she wouldn’t have been raped”, this will be constitute Strike One. If you outright opine anything like “she shouldn’t have gotten herself raped” and follow it with pejorative terms and/or name calling, YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY BANNED. End of story.

* Feminism bashing. AKA “a bunch of feminazis”. If you don’t get why feminism is necessary, there are plenty of sites on which you may educate yourself: may I suggest the Finally, Feminism 101 FAQ. If you insist that feminists, on this blog or on others, are only out to get the Menz, then this is not the place for you. If you use pejorative terms to refer to feminists, this will constitute Strike One.

* Accusing the author of being “unfair”. Since this is my blog, it is not in the public sphere. I have set out these guidelines so that you will understand what I will and will not accept on this blog. If you cannot deal with that, then you will not be allowed to participate. The first instance of this, if presented in a civil manner, will simply constitute Strike One. If the accusation is shouted and/or combined with name calling or misogynistic language directed at me, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

This is not stifling your free speech. If you are at all confused about this, I suggest you read this post regarding the right to free speech/press in the United States. If you need to express your opinion and it’s not pertinent or acceptable here, get your own blog. They’re free here: [Blogger] [WordPress] [LiveJournal] and many other places as well.

And finally: Caveat auctrix: Let the author beware.

I am including myself in all of these guidelines, and if I momentarily forget, I will appreciate the kind poster who politely calls me on my shit. If I get any variation on “You’re such an effing hypocrite” or if there is any hint of misogynistic judgment attached to calling me on my shit, that will be considered trolling and will be treated as such, i.e., this will constitute Strike One.

I hold these guidelines as ideals of behavior, and since this is, in essence, a written format, both you and I can take the time to think things through before posting or commenting.

4 thoughts on “Caveat (FAQ)

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  2. Hey, I have no problem with the term ‘fuckwit’, as witnessed in these here caveats. ^^ It’s just calling people names that I want to try to avoid. See, including myself. I turn to that far too often, and I really don’t want to be in the position of banning people for behavior I tolerate in myself.

    You could always put it in scare quotes.

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