The travesty that is CPSIA

Yes, keeping lead out of kids’ toys == good.
Making testing requirements the same for big corporations and single people working out of their homes == horribly misguided.

Here’s the lowdown.

I was in the process of putting together two Etsy sites, one geek-product related (Fanknitics) and one baby-product related (Jo’s Crafts). Obviously, the latter is on hold until CPSIA is amended/struck down.

With any luck, it will be.

My Little (Rasta) Pony

Not mine, per se. And really, people are altering everything these days — Roombas being the latest revelation to my sheltered self — but I’d have never thought of modding My Little Ponies. This is fantastic.

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Photo credit: Kameron Hurley

Makes me want to get all artistic with any childhood toy I can lay my hands on. I wonder if anyone’s retrofitted He-Man and She-Ra yet?