Compare / Contrast

Have a look at these two articles, and see if you can spot the difference:

Man loses testicle after strange young woman on street kicks him

Canwest News Service
Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009

Police in Langley, B.C., are investigating after a woman kicked a man in the groin so hard he lost a testicle — the latest in a series of similar assaults. “I just want to know what her problem is,” victim Anthony Clark, 22, said this week. Mr. Clark was walking in Langley in early September when he passed his assailant on the sidewalk. “I was looking down and then I took a passing glance and saw her walk up to me,” he said. That is when the young woman inexplicably kicked him in the groin hard enough to send one of his testicles into his abdomen. Mr. Clark said he was not aware of the severity of his injury until later that night when he “noticed something was missing.” The force of the assault caused his testicle to rupture. It had to be removed and will be replaced by a prosthetic before Christmas. Constables have told him there have been three or four similar assaults on other men, Mr. Clark said.

And this:

10-Year-Old Boys Arrested Over Alleged Rape in U.K.

SkyNews (Emma Rowley, Sky News Online)
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two 10-year-old boys in the U.K. have been arrested over a claim of rape, according to Sky News.

The alleged victim is an 8-year-old girl who was out playing with the boys on Tuesday.

She went with them to a park where she says she was sexually assaulted, Sky News reported.

The allegation was reported to police on the same day and is being investigated by police.

Quick Hit: Political Progress

I am happy to say I can now officially update my numbers re: the demographics of the United States government: Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court Saturday.

The numbers again:

Supreme Court:

  • 5 women, 4 men
  • at least one per racial group**
    • White, non-Hispanic
    • Black/African-American
    • Hispanic/Latin@
    • Asian
    • Native American/Alaskan Native
    • Native Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander
    • Other***
  • One justice would have a disability
  • At least once justice would be LGB, and preferably another be T/I

Current gender demographics: 1 woman, 8 men 2 women, 7 men
Current racial demographics: 1 African-American (a man), 8 white non-Hispanic 1 Hispanic/Latin@ (a woman), 7 non-Hispanic whites.

The travesty that is CPSIA

Yes, keeping lead out of kids’ toys == good.
Making testing requirements the same for big corporations and single people working out of their homes == horribly misguided.

Here’s the lowdown.

I was in the process of putting together two Etsy sites, one geek-product related (Fanknitics) and one baby-product related (Jo’s Crafts). Obviously, the latter is on hold until CPSIA is amended/struck down.

With any luck, it will be.

Two things

One: Since I now live in a swing state, my vote actually did something besides register a dissenting opinion. Last time that happened was 1996.

Two: Even in the two, very red states I lived in previously voted less Republican this time around. Both Arkansas and Kansas voted for Bush (the second time!) to the tune of about 70% — McCain won those states in this election with less than 60% of the vote both places.

I could be less pleased right now. I’ll take it.

He might just earn it, after all.

One of the thoughts I’ve had this election cycle was this one: I want to hear what the candidates say they will do once they get to Washington, in detail, and NOT simply decry the (potential) policies of their opponent(s), allowing both paid advertisements and so-called debates to descend into shouting matches and schoolyard name-calling.

I voted independent in 2004 for this very reason: Kerry never did say, to my satisfaction, what he’d actually do as President; all I ever heard out of his mouth was basically “Bush sux, we can’t take four more years of this”. Not that I disagreed with any of this, but this sort of behavior seemed beneath an adult human being, and gave me absolutely no basis for wanting to vote FOR Kerry. I refused to simply vote AGAINST someone else.

Sorry, folks. If you’re running for office, you’ve got to instill some confidence in me that you’re going to actually DO something. Trust is earned.

So when I saw this, I was just a bit more mollified vis-a-vis this year’s candidates than before:

Obama might earn my vote after all.


Declaration: I am a feminist.

I. Am. A. Feminist.

I am a radical feminist. I believe with all my being that all women are human beings, inherently worthy of all the rights and dignities that other human beings (men) enjoy.

I have been hesitant to ‘out’ myself to certain people I know; mostly conservative men, all of whom have no actual authority over me, some of whom are relatives, all of whom I consider to be friends. I have been afraid of losing their friendships and love because of my beliefs.

No more.

If I can remain friends with them, despite having serious objections to some of their beliefs, then they can remain my friends, if they don’t agree with me. If they can’t they were never friends to begin with. If they can’t love me and know I believe these things, they cannot really love me.

We women are asked, every day, to be silent about disagreeing with others so that we don’t upset them, so we don’t ‘rock the boat’, so we ‘aren’t a bother’.

No more.

Listen up: I am a radical feminist.

I don’t believe in limiting a woman’s control over her own body; I don’t believe any man has any right to exercise any control over a woman’s body, mind, speech or actions; I don’t believe any woman has any right to control other women either, whether of her own choosing or in the name of a man.

I believe anyone who attempts to control women’s bodies, minds, speech or actions are misogynist: including rape apologists, rape celebrants, Men’s Rights Activists, promoters or supporters of pornography, promoters or supporters of prostitution, people who seek to limit or obstruct women’s access to health care, contraception, safe and legal abortion, STD prevention, higher education, a living wage, food for her children, her choice of partner(s), her choice of clothing, her choice of sexuality and sexual expression, her bodily autonomy.

If any of these terms or concepts are confusing to you, or if you aren’t sure what I mean by any of them, you may read for yourself at any of the sources listed below. I will be happy to have a civil conversation with any of you about any of these things, where ‘civil conversation’ means you listen to what I have to say, and I listen to what you have to say, and we respond to each others’ concerns. Basically, all the caveats of this blog apply.

If you cannot understand, that is fine. If you will not try to understand, or will not read those things which I suggest that might help you understand, I will have neither sympathy nor time for you. If you cannot treat me like a human being, I will not stay around for the abuse.

Places to Learn:
Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog
Official Shrub dot com Blog (right hand menu)
Andrea Dworkin, I Want Twenty-Four-Hour Truce In Which There Is No Rape

wherein the author uses this site as an actual weblog

This via Cup O’ Joel, from Thoughts from Kansas:

“Kansas state Senator Kay O’Connor said in 2001:

I think the 19th Amendment, while it’s not an evil in and of itself, is a symptom of something I don’t approve of.… The 19th Amendment is around because men weren’t doing their jobs, and I think that’s sad. I believe the man should be the head of the family. The woman should be the heart of the family.

And that’s all well and good, I suppose. After all, a state senator is fairly limited in her ability to restrict the rights that the 19th Amendment grants. But Kay isn’t content to be a state Senator. She’s filed to run for Kansas Secretary of State, a position where she’d be directly responsible for ensuring that voting rights are protected.”

Realizing I’m just pointing to the pointer. Still. It’s at least reminded me that I need to register to vote (against such outrageousness) in the state of Kansas.

Read the whole entry here