Facebook: Do I know you? Didn’t think so.

Yeah. A local politician added me as a friend today on Facebook, apparently. Haven’t acted on it yet (I don’t live on FB like some), but yeah. Made me chuckle.

Not adding them, though. Sorry. I only add you if I’ve actually spoken with you in some form or other, and want to continue to do so. No random politicos.

Note: there may be food blogging tomorrow. Or Friday. I have a 7-lb. butternut squash that Will Be Made Into Something, possibly several Somethings.

My Little (Rasta) Pony

Not mine, per se. And really, people are altering everything these days — Roombas being the latest revelation to my sheltered self — but I’d have never thought of modding My Little Ponies. This is fantastic.

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Photo credit: Kameron Hurley

Makes me want to get all artistic with any childhood toy I can lay my hands on. I wonder if anyone’s retrofitted He-Man and She-Ra yet?

I fielded a phone call for my roommate tonight — …

I fielded a phone call for my roommate tonight — from someone she has been avoiding. I knew who, and could understand why, but I didn’t really know what she was avoiding until just now. This girl called again, and began talking to me about the current crisis in her life… and I found myself willing to listen. What I heard was my story.

She asked me what to do in her situation. Instead of advice, all I could tell her was what I had done, and what worked for me. I got to share my experience with this girl, and I know it did me good, even if it does nothing (well, nothing that I can see) for her.

I did, however, note some progress in myself tonight. I had just finished talking about self-care being the best thing for her to do, and she began the litany over again — or tried to. I saw what time it was (late, obviously), and told her I needed to get off the phone and go to bed. She tried again, and I kindly told her I needed to get off the phone and go to bed. We said goodbye, and I hung up.

I did what I told myself I would do. Not only that, I did what I suggested she try.

I needed that reminder tonight of where I’ve been — where, but for the grace of God, I could be now. Nothing like seeing that to produce a healthy dose of gratitude.