What the gov’t should look like

If the demographics of the U.S Government really represented the demographics of the U.S. Population*:

Supreme Court:

  • 5 women, 4 men
  • at least one per racial group**
    • White, non-Hispanic
    • Black/African-American
    • Hispanic/Latin@
    • Asian
    • Native American/Alaskan Native
    • Native Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander
    • Other***
  • One justice would have a disability
  • At least once justice would be LGB, and preferably another be T/I

Current gender demographics: 1 woman, 8 men
Current racial demographics: 1 African-American (a man), 8 white non-Hispanic

House of Representatives:
(Assuming 437 representatives, to amend the omission of D.C.****)

  • 248 non-Hispanic whites (124 women, 124 men)
  • 66 Latin@/Hispanic (33 women, 33 men)
  • 62 Black/African-American (31 women, 31 men)
  • 22 Asian (11 women, 11 men)
  • 31 “Other”*** (16 women, 15 men)
  • 4 Native American/Alaskan Native (2 women, 2 men)
  • 4 Native Hawai’ian / Pacific Islander (2 women, 2 men)

Current gender demographics: 75 women, 360 men.
Current racial demographics: 27 Hispanics, 5 Asian Americans, and one Native American; 402 white non-Hispanic.

U.S. Senate:
(Assuming, again, 102 senators, likewise including D.C.****)

  • 57 non-Hispanic whites (29 women, 28 men)
  • 15 Latin@/Hispanic (8 women, 7 men)
  • 14 Black/African-American (7 women, 7 men)
  • 5 Asian (3 women, 2 men)
  • 7 “Other”*** (4 women, 3 men)
  • 2 Native American/Alaskan Native (1 woman, 1 man)
  • 2 Native Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander (1 woman, 1 man)

Current gender demographics: 17 women, 83 men. Highest number of women to date.
Current racial demographics: 2 Hispanics, 1 Japanese-American, 1 Native Hawai’ian and 1 African-American (all men). 95 non-Hispanic whites.

Now, if you’re really into your number crunching and fact-checking, you’ll probably see that my numbers for white representatives (in whatever branch) are just a bit low, in comparison to the current population estimates. I started with ensuring representation for the smallest groups (Native American/Alaskan Native and Hawai’ian/Pacific Islander), rounding percentages up to the nearest percentage point, and taking those points away from the largest group, non-Hispanic whites. This is especially fair considering the historical over-representation of whites.

I also erred on the side of women for each group with an odd number of percentage points to divide, as women have also been underrepresented, especially women of color.

Thing is, this doesn’t even get anywhere near making redress for the centuries of non-/underrepresentation that women and people of color have endured in this country during its relatively short history.

As you can see from the current numbers, we have a long way to go before even reaching equal representation, let alone redress. Of course, by that time, non-Hispanic whites will no longer be a majority but a plurality, if that; maybe we’ll have a government that actually *looks* like the rest of the nation does by 2050.

* U.S. Census estimates for 2007, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States, with regards to race and gender. I haven’t figured out how to account for sexuality/orientation/gender identity yet, as they are 1) complicated and 2) not all accounted for by the U.S. Census.
**As defined by the U.S. Census, which is problematic at best.
*** This is a census category. No idea what groups this includes.
**** These proportions would change even more were one to include all U.S Territories in representation. I haven’t done, but it could be accomplished.

Quick Hit: Lucas and Co. are rapey bastards.

Apparently, Marion Ravenwood was supposed to be literally a child (somewhere between 10 and 15) when she and Indy “had an affair”.

Way to promote child rape, dudes. Makes me hate you, hate Indy, hate the whole franchise, even more than that travesty of a movie Crystal Skull did.

ETA: It also make the “romantic” ending in Crystal Skull absolutely squicky.

If you feel like combing through the whole script, it’s here.

And if you do comb through it, be sure to note the rampant racism too: the reference to “Third World sleazos” is particularly ripe.

Quick Hit: Self Promo!

Just to let my ones of readers know: I’ve started blogging at Gender Goggles, by gracious allowance of eloriane and Crowfoot. My first post is up now. It’s kind of ranty, but then it was an unexpected, 1 a.m. composition.

I expect to have a little time to blog this next week, as I’m traveling home to visit my parents, and my mother will certainly be getting all the Shmoog-time she can. I anticipate some breathing room, at least for those eight days.

Why I <3 Twisty

I forget sometimes, and then TF delights the mental ear with tunes like this:

Am I glad that my mother didn’t think I was a blastocyst and a parasitic growth that she had to suffer through? Well, Lonni, I’m afraid my mother did think that I was a blastocyst and a parasitic growth that she had to suffer through. She still does. — Twisty Faster, “Invasion of the Babyists

Wherein the entitled dood gets in my craw

Naomi Klein explains the shock doctrine, and its relation to the current bailout brouhaha:

Now, in watching this clip, all I wanted to do was hear Naomi Klein’s point, but his Dishy Privileged Highness keeps frakking interrupting both her and the other guest, who was also not a White Dood.

If you can get over the arrogance of His Daily Dishiness admonishing Klein for interrupting him when he had just interrupted her, and continued to do so throughout the 8 minute segment, then by all means watch and listen.

a gratitude list

  • The young ‘un is fed and content.
  • I had a nap this evening (until 7!) so that I can be awake and alert while the baby’s awake and alert.
  • All the good help and support I get from Joel, so that I can do things like take long baths to relax.
  • The fact he considers all that to be His Job (TM).
  • Living in Philly. It is good times.
  • Getting energy back enough to go and do, and to get things done around the house.
  • Feeling like my old self again.

Fly-by: Feminist Humor Kudos, plus a little narcissism

A message-board acquaintance of mine has a new blog, in which she logs the exploits of a misogynist asshat who works with her husband, who counters this dude’s (named Dan) stupidity and bigotry with (generally) calm yet firm, logical replies, taking the wind out of Dan’s sails.

The FAQ page “What is a Dan?” is comedy gold.

Go visit, and enjoy: The Dan Chronicles

Edited to add: Someone googled my username here (and on various boards) and found this blog. I’m just a little flattered someone was googling me. ^_^