Why I Love Jennie Breeden*.

Because this is my life lately. No, really.

If you’ve never read Devil’s Panties, go. I’m reading the archives as we speak.

*And ’cause she was so nice and signed a first issue at Megacon, and she let us interview her on the Gigcast a while back. I am *such* the geek.

It’s the little things.

It’s always chicken butt.

Like this terribly accurate depiction of the early days of our marriage. Yes, really. [link]

Do go see him. David Malki ! is also the creator of what is possibly my favorite Alien loves Predator strip ever.

ALSO: I discovered landoverbaptist.org today. Yay for NSFW parody sites.

Note: In typing landoverbaptist.org the first time, I transposed two letters. You guess which ones.

ALSO, again: I’m a little hacked at WordPress making full CSS customization something you pay for. I mean, what gives? Even if I just want to make slight color alterations… *sigh*.

AUCH: Facebook is occasionally quite entertaining, like when this happens:

Which came first?

(Chuck is an acquaintance from elementary school — and his wife, Alice, had a FB account long before he did. He just added me as a friend tonight, and I was #4, so I’m guessing his account is brand-spankin-new.)

Manga Secrets, Part Deux?

For anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who wants to learn to draw in a Manga, I’ve heard that Manga Secrets (art-ed by Lea Hernandez) is pretty good.

And Lea’s thinking about writing a book, and self-publishing it, that would essentially be a follow-up to Manga Secrets.

In her words:

I want to do another book on drawing costuming. This is stuff lacking in almost all manga how-to. Not just how to draw clothes that look like clothes (instead shapes defined by elective slashes), but how to show a character at a glance with hair, clothes and attitude. Plus, a few stern lectures on what’s Been Done To Death.

If you’re interested, let her know.
If you know people who would be, let them know.

Hell, let *everybody* know.

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ubiquitous honor Well, guess what. For those o…

ubiquitous honor

Well, guess what. For those of you who don’t follow sports (like me), you’ve probably never heard of ESPN’s Bottom Ten. When I saw Kit’s cameo in LCD last week (and this week), I thought that it was made-up. Nope, ESPN actually has a Bottom Ten list for college football, at least. Apparently it takes quite a bit of, well, misfortune to end up there, and even more to oust one of the worst teams in college football.

And they charge us $12.50 a person to watch this? Please.