Why I Love Jennie Breeden*.

Because this is my life lately. No, really.

If you’ve never read Devil’s Panties, go. I’m reading the archives as we speak.

*And ’cause she was so nice and signed a first issue at Megacon, and she let us interview her on the Gigcast a while back. I am *such* the geek.

Feminism Friday, belated.

There’s been much on-bandwagon-jumping lately by the name of Feminism Friday (which I discovered via Thinking Girl), and I, on a Monday, have decided to start out with this. I’ve seen many ways to do this, and since I’m not in a place where I can do analysis of feminist issues with a (to me) clear voice, I am going to simply share where I’ve been, and maybe what thoughts they’ve provoked. We’ll see where all this goes, and how long I can keep it up.

Lessons this week(end) have been in discovering misogyny and the exercise of privilege in the durndest places.

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Manga Secrets, Part Deux?

For anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who wants to learn to draw in a Manga, I’ve heard that Manga Secrets (art-ed by Lea Hernandez) is pretty good.

And Lea’s thinking about writing a book, and self-publishing it, that would essentially be a follow-up to Manga Secrets.

In her words:

I want to do another book on drawing costuming. This is stuff lacking in almost all manga how-to. Not just how to draw clothes that look like clothes (instead shapes defined by elective slashes), but how to show a character at a glance with hair, clothes and attitude. Plus, a few stern lectures on what’s Been Done To Death.

If you’re interested, let her know.
If you know people who would be, let them know.

Hell, let *everybody* know.

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A Return… to Important Matters

I have deeply neglected this blog in favor of ye LiveJournal lately (and in fact haven’t been posting to the LJ all that often either). Usually my posts have been pretty me-centered, just regular life-type stuff.

These days, however, I’m starting to need a forum for other, more serious topics. Thanks to Kit sending me forth into the world of women-in-comics (sites like Girl Wonder dot org and blogs like Girls Read Comics) I’ve stumbled onto a new topic: feminism.

An odd thing for the “liberated woman, daughter of a liberated woman”. It’s not that I thought I was Über-Feminist, but I did consider myself to be a reasonable, reasonably educated and reasonably aware human being. Now, from reading incredibly perceptive, intelligent, logical and well-written posts such that are found on blog collectives like the Official Scrub dot com Blog, Women’s Work and by individuals at Inside Out and Crimitism, I’m starting to think again. The kind of thinking I was first introduced to in Honors Intro to Philosophy, the kind of thinking that just doesn’t get done on a regular basis in my general vicinity (usually — there are notable exceptions).

So this blog has now been officially rededicated, as a place in which I might collect my thoughts, observations and analyses on this and related subjects, so that I might start exercising the thinking muscle again. It’s been far too long.

and to think, I was there at the beginning… Y…

and to think, I was there at the beginning…

You hear that?? My lovely artist friend and roommate is now a (and I quote) “graphics goddess”!!! I knew that already (hee hee!) but now it is proclaimed to the world, thanks to LCD Lowest Common Denominator, an online comic strip by Bryan M. Richter. Kit has a cameo appearance in Friday’s strip. I hear she’s supposed to appear in the next one, too.