Fiber Geekery: It’s all a work-in-progress

Or rather, they’re all works-in-progress. I have four projects on the needle now, besides the knitted star-shaped afghan I keep starting and restarting. I’ve frogged two versions of that already; I hope the third time will prove the proverbial charm, and that I’ll have actually planned which yarns to use, and stick to them.

To do that, though, I need to finish a few other projects, like that afghan for the now-nearly-three-months-old Tobit. I keep getting distracted though, by my own desires to design (or at least adapt others’ designs) and by pure admiration. But I’m very proud to say that I’m making my First EVAR Something Knitted For Myself*, which will be both an experiment in multi-color pattern knitting and in knitting with something smaller than US 6 (4.0mm) needles.

It’s a rare thing, at least in my knitting career, to do something really nice for myself. I’m very good at volunteering to make things for other people, and having a little critter who doesn’t care what the clothes look like as long as they’re warm enough is a huge temptation towards focusing solely on that one Other Person, and leaving myself out of the picture entirely.

But you know? I deserve a hat that is lovely and warm, so I’m making sure I get one.

*if you don’t count the felted bag of ’04, which is still sitting in a box in Dory’s kitchen in Germany.

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